1913-1914 Remington Catalog

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1913-1914 Remington Catalog
1913-1914 Remington catalog which measures 6" x 8-7/8" with 212 numbered pages CONTENT: Remington goes into great detail in the presentation of there guns.For example the first shotgun listed is the Model 11 Automatic and there are 11 pages devoted to it with many illustrations.The next gun si the Model 10 Pump Action followed by the Model 8 rifle,Model 14 rifle,Model 12 .22 caliber rifle,No.4 single-shot .22 rifle,No. 6 single-shot .22 rifle,No.4S Boy Scout rifle and the Remington Derringer.Next is 2 pages of sights,3 pages on sighting & aiming a rifle and 118 pages of ammunition.There are 4 gauge,8 gauge and artillery shells listed.As was the custom of the day it is very well illustrated with great detail.It is dated "1913-1914". Excellent condition with some cover "flaking",color fading and bug bites on the edge of the first 2 pages
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