1990 Jonathan Arthur Ciener Catalog

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1990 Jonathan Arthur Ciener Catalog
1990 Jonathan Arthur Ciener catalog which measures 8-1/2" x 11" with 14 pages CONTENT: This catalog has Suppressed firearms,Automatic Weapons and Destructive Devices.Some of the Suppressed firearms are the Ruger10/22,Browning .22 auto rifle,Marlin 782 .22 magnum rifle,Sten Mark II,UZI,Remington 700,HK91/93 and AR15/M16.Destructive Devices are the M79 & M203 Grenade Launchers.There is also .22LR conversion kits for centerfire rifles and the Belt Fed AR15/M16 in semi-auto and automatic configurations.ALSO a 2 page Retail Price List dated "Effective April 1990".ALSO a single sheet insert for .22LR Conversion kits. Excellent condition with Postal Machine ink across the front cover and postal ink markings across the back also.
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