1988-89 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide

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1988-89 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide
Edition 15,1988-1989 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide plus Beeman Precision Firearms Catalog,8-3/8" x 10-7/8" w/106 numbered pages Content: As 106 pages should dictate there is a wealth of information in this catalog.The first 24 pages address airgun use,airgun selection and the sport of airgun shooting.The rest of the catalog features the airguns offered by Beeman in 1988-1989 from Feinwerkbau,Weihrauch,Webley, Sheridan,Benjamin and Beeman branded guns.There is also the Beeman P-08 Luger clone in .22 caliber and .380 caliber.Of special note is one page with the Beeman/Harper Aircane and Beeman/Harper Classic Pistol of which 10 or less of each was imported into the US.There are 10 pages of scopes-mounts-sights and 34 pages of accessories. Excellent Like-New condition

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