1977 Beeman's Precision Airgun Guide

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1977 Beeman\'s Precision Airgun Guide
1977 Beeman's Precision Airgun Guide which measures 8-3/8" x 10-7/8" with 83 numbered pages CONTENT: This 1977 catalog/guide is also marked "5th Edition".It features match,sport/target,light sport/target,sporting and pump pneumatic rifles on 20 pages.That is followed by 13 pages of pistols and then 12 pages of accessories.Some of the branded guns are S&W,Webley,Sheridan,Wischo,Weihrauch,Feinwerkbau,Anschutz,Walther and Hammerli.Most of the guns have a full page or more devoted to them with in depth descriptions,comparisons and specs.ALSO a 4 page Retail Price list dated "Effective September 15,1977".ALSO an Order Form,a cover letter and Invoice for the purchase of the catalog.ALSO the Original mailing envelope from Beeman's Inc. Excellent condition with a crease at the lower right corner of the cover.
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