1976 Beeman's Precision Airgun Guide

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1976 Beeman\'s Precision Airgun Guide
1976 Beeman's Precision Airgun Guide which measures 8-3/8" x 10-7/8" with 83 numbered pages CONTENT: This 1976 catalog/guide is also marked "Catalog Number 4".It features match,sport/target,light sport/target,sporting and pump pneumatic rifles on 19 pages.That is followed by 13 pages of pistols and then 23 pages of scopes,sights & accessories.Some of the branded guns are Beeman,S&W,Webley,Sheridan,El Gamo,Wischo, Weihrauch,Feinwerkbau,Anschutz,Walther and Hammerli.Most of the guns have a full page or more devoted to them with in depth descriptions,comparisons and specs.ALSO a 4 page Retail Price list dated "Effective December 1,1976".ALSO an Order Form and "Another Newsletter and bargain list from Beeman's......" dated "November 15,1976 Issue. Excellent condition with a crease at the lower right corner of the back cover.
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