1990-91 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide

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1990-91 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide
Edition 16 1990-1991 Beeman Precision Airgun Guide, 8-1/8" x 10-7/8" with 104 numbered pages CONTENT: The first 22 pages discuss airguns in general from types of airguns and operation to field use and marksmanship.The offering of airguns has 33 pages with Feinwerkbau rifles,Feinwerkbau pistols,Weihrauch rifles,Beeman rifles,Beeman pistols,Beeman RX Magnum rifles and Beeman P2 Match pistol & Beeman R1 Laser rifle.Other pages have a Sheridan rifle,Benjamin rifle and HW70 pistol.The airguns are followed by 3 pages with Hammerli,Korth & Unique fireram pistols,the Feinwerkbau 2600 .22 rifle and Beeman/Weihrauch .22 rifle.There are also 10 pgs of airgun scopes,sights and mounts and 29 pages of other airgun accessories and ammunition. Excellent Like-New condition

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