1972 Mannlicher M72 Catalog

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1972 Mannlicher M72 Catalog
1972 Mannlicher M72 Introduction catalog,8-1/2" x 11' with 4 pages CONTENT: The first inside page is writen in 4 languages and the english title is "The Great Range Of Models".It pictures a rifle,lists 6 models and describes features of Steyr-Mannlicher rifles.The next page features the Mannlicher-Schonauer M 72 rifle.The first line is "In the year 1972 the Mannlicher-Schonauer,one of the classic rifles of all time,will be replaced by the mannlicher Schonauer M 72".The reason for change and a description of the M 72 follows.The back page describes the "hammered" barrels.It is marked "Catalog #101". Excellent condition
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