2007 Henry Catalog

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2007 Henry Catalog
2007 Henry Repeating Arms Co. catalog which measures 8-3/8" x 10-3/4" with 31 numbered pages CONTENT: It is dated 2007 on the front cover.It features the Henry "Golden Boy" in 3 rimfire calibers,the Golden Boy Deluxe,the Henry lever-action rifles in 3 rimfire calibers,the Pump-Action .22LR & 22 Mag,the mini-bolt .22,Henry 30-30,Henry Big-Boy in 3 centerfire calibers,Henry Big Boy Deluxe in 3 calibers,the Personalized Golden Boy,the Golden Boy Deluxe,Big Boy Wildlife & Cowboy editions,Big Boy Deluxe,Henry Acu-Bolt in 3 calibers and the U.S. Survival .22 in 3 different finishes.There are also Henry collectibles and Henry accessories.The guns are pictured with descriptions and Retail Prices.ALSO a cover letter and mailing envelope. Excellent condition
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