1977 Buck Knives Dealer Packet

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1977 Buck Knives Dealer Packet
There are 5 items in the original mailing envelope which is post-dated "Jul 27'77".the cover is shown of the 4 page Dealer Information folder.The first inside page give a short history of Buck knives,talks about merchandising and gives the terms for Dealers.The next page pictures 7 folding knives,the axe,boxed and multiple knife sets,1 fixed blade knife and accessories with short descriptions and Retail Prices.The back cover shows 9 fixed blade and 2 folding knives with short descriptions and Retail Prices.The date on the back page is "3-77".ALSO a 3-1/4" x 6-1/4" fold-out brochure featuring the same items as the larger Dealer Information folder.It is dated "3-77".ALSO a 14 page booklet titled "Knife Know-How" similar to item KNV27(1980 copy of Knife Know-How)with less knives pictured.ALSO a "Folding Knife Dealer" application form and a "Full Line Dealer" application form with the initial knife order pre-determined. Excellent condition with a lower left corner crease and the envelope ONLY is folded in the middle
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