1978 A.G. Russell Catalog

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1978 A.G. Russell Catalog
Spring 1978 A.G. Russell catalog which measures 8-1/2" x 11" with 29 numbered pages CONTENT: This is Volume 3,Number1 Spring 1978 of the Russell knives catalog.It is printed in black and white with the exception of the covers.The featured brands are A.G. Russell,Hen & Rooster,Puma,Collins Axes/Machetes,Dean Russell Canadian Belt Knife,Gerber,Buck,Morseth,Morseth Kits and A.G. Russell's Safety Ax.The knives are pictured with specs and prices.There are also sharpeners,books and 7 pages of 129 COLLECTOR KNIVES,all pictured with price,for sale.The collector knives vary in price from $10 to a high of $1050 for a Buster Warenski Michael Price California knife.Some of the other makers listed are Lile,Hibben,Loveless, Ruffin Johnson,Jerry Hunt,Imel,Horn, Dozier, Blackie Collins,Randall and more. In Excellent physical condition with a stainion the front cover at the bottom center,a circle in ink at the top right and a mailing label on the back cover
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