1970's Reproduction Union Cutlery Catalog

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1970\'s Reproduction Union Cutlery Catalog
REPRODUCTION of Union Cutlery Catalog Circa 1912-1923 Content: It is stated on the cover "Reproduction of catalog published by the Union Cutlery Company Circa 1912-23".That is the only marking on the catalog that appears not to be part of the original catalog.It measures 11" x 8 " with 40 pages.The cover is heavy card stock and the pages are a heavy high gloss paper,a high quality reproduction.There are 133 folding knives(one spring open,one with axe)5 fixed blade knives and 2 tool kit knives.All the knives are pictured with item numbers,specs and retail prices.This was with a number of 1970's knife catalogs I purchased and I believe this was reproduced at that time also. Excellent condition
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