1944 Belding & Mull Catalog

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1944 Belding & Mull Catalog
1944 Belding & Mull catalog which measures 4-1/4" x 9-1/4" with 18 numbered pages CONTENT: There are 7 pages of reloading know-how followed by 9 pages of B&M tools and reloading accessories with prices listed.ALSO a cover letter dated "DEC 20,1944" with a short list of stock remaining due to the War Effort.ALSO a separate 6 page fold-out price list dated "Sept. 15,1942".ALSO a sheet stating "For the duration of the War or,unless sooner revoked,the Federal Explosives Act of Dec.26,1941(Public No.381,77th Congress)requires all persons to obtain a United States Explosive License...". Excellent condition
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