1982 Auto-Ordnance Thompson Catalog

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1982 Auto-Ordnance Thompson Catalog
1982 Thompson catalog which measures 8-1/2" x 11" with 16 numbered pages CONTENT: It features the Thompson Model 1927 A-5 pistol,Model 27 A-1,Model 28 Full-Auto Thompson in .45 & .22 calibers and the Model 22 27A-3.There are also accessories,parts and exploded views with the parts named and numbered.ALSO a single sheet which features the Thompson 1927A-5 on one side and an order form on the other side.ALSO a single sheet 2 page Dealer Price list dated "Effective Jan.1,1982" with Dealer & List prices.ALSO a letter outlining the Auto-Ordnance "Buy Back Program" offering one Thompson for 90 days with a full refund if returned within 3 weeks of the 90 days. Excellent As-New condition
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