1979 Cherokee Cutlery Catalog(Ed Frost)

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1979 Cherokee Cutlery Catalog(Ed Frost)
Ca.1979 Cherokee Cutlery catalog which measures 10-1/4" x 14-1/8" with 50 numbered pages CONTENT: This catalog is printed on "newsprint" and is in black and white.It states on the inside cover that "this catalogue" is our way of introducing "Cherokee Cutlery Company".It then outlines the products,pricing and business program with "Ed Frost,President" at the end.The knives are pictured with specs,list & discounted prices and bulk pricing.Some of the brands are Kissing Crane,Smokey Mountain,Valor,Battle Axe,Schrade,Queen,Case,Boker,Star,Buck,Western Cutlery,Taylor,German Eye and Colonel Coon.There are also sharpeners,knife rolls,novelty knives,custom handled options for Case or Buck and books.Lots of knives and the original order form page is intact & unused. Excellent As-New condition with a mailing label on the back cover page and a crease where folded for mailing
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