1987 Alpha Arms Inc.

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1987 Alpha Arms Inc.
1987 Alpha Arms Inc. catalog which measures 8-1/2" x 11" with 9 numbered pages CONTENT: The catalog pictures the Custom,Grand Slam and Alaskan models with short descriptions and a page highlighting some of the guns features.ALSO a sheet with the specs for the 3 rifles in the catalog along with a list of special order options.ALSO a sheet titled "Alpha's New Rifles" dated "Effective January 1,1987" listing the Jaguar model in 4 grades and the Big Five model.ALSO a Retail Price sheet dated "Effective January 1,1987" and a Dealer Pricing sheet dated "Effective 1/1/1987".ALSO a sheet describing Alpha Customized Stocking for customers supplied barreled actions with pricing. Excellent condition.
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