1985 Cabanas Rifles Catalog

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1985 Cabanas Rifles Catalog
Ca.1985 Cabanas Rifle catalog which measures 8-1/4" x 11" with 6 fold-out pages CONTENT: There is no date or code but within the catalog was a single sheet copy of an article about the Cabanas rifles from the American rifleman dated "June 1984".At the bottom of the copy is the name and address of the US Importer of the Cabanas rifles,Mandall Shooting Supplies.The catalog pictures with descriptions Cabanas models Master,Leyre,Espronceda IV,Varmint,Safari,R-83 and Mini-82.The back cover has a spec/technical data chart for the rifles.The Cabanas Rifles used 22 blanks to propel a lead .177 /4.5mm projectile.ALSO a Retail Price sheet from Mandall Shooting Supplies. Excellent condition
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