1955 Webley Catalog

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1955 Webley Catalog
1955 Webley catalog which measures 5-5/8' x 9' with 11 numbered pages CONTENT: The first 4 pages have Webley revolver facts,requirements to purchase a firearm in Great Britain and Northern Ireland,ballistics of Kynoch cartridges for Webley revolvers & pistols and cleaning & care instructions.Following that are the handguns offered with pictures,descriptions and specs.They are the Mark IV Police & Military .38 & .32 caliber,Mark IV .22 R.F. caliber,Mark IV .38 & .32 caliber Pocket Model,Mark IV Presentation Model(gold plated),Single Shot .22 R.F. target pistol,signal pistol,Sports starting pistol and Webley air pistol.It is dated "C.68 1955". Excellent condition
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