1973-74 Garcia Hunting Annual

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1973-74 Garcia Hunting Annual
1973-74 Garcia Hunting Annual which measures 8-1/2" x 10-7/8" with 129 pages CONTENT: The first 80 pages are stories of hunting and shooting.The last 49 pages are Sporting Arms and accessories sold by Garcia.There are 8 pages of Sako rifles and components including the New Model 73 lever rifle,eighteen pages of Beretta shotguns,three pages of Rossi guns,two pages of Bronco rifles,two pages of FN Mauser rifles,the Star Rolling Block carbine,two pages each of Star,Astra and Beretta handguns,a page with the Regent revolver,a page with Rossi revolvers and a page with Garcia survival and Hackman Puuko knives. Excellent condition
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