1981 Weatherby Dealers "State Series" Folder

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1981 Weatherby Dealers \"State Series\" Folder
1981 Weatherby Dealers "Limited State Series" Folder,11" x 8-1/2" with 4 pages CONTENT: The cover and 2 inside pages are shown.In 1981 Weatherby made 2 identical Limited State Series Mark V rifles for each state which were announced at the January 1981 Shot Show.The accompanying cover letter states "We feel the only fair way to sell these 100 rifles is on a sealed bid basis with a minimum bid of $1800.00 each".The back page of the folder features Weatherby scopes and aluminum gun case.If you own one of these rifles you have "1 of 2" OR "1 of 100" depending on how you look at it.ALSO the cover letter which opens with"To All Weatherby Dealers" dated "June 25,1981" and the unused Bid Sheet with 50 states listed,2 serial numbers for each state and a place to write the bid.There was no limit,you could bid on 1 or all 100 of the rifles.A nice and rare extra for the rifles. Excellent Condition with light creases where folded to fit an envelope and the unforgiving silver color as shown
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